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2002-03-24 01:29:00 (UTC)

hey, i m larry, i m ur typical..

hey, i'm larry, i'm ur typical highschool loser... not many
friends.... not good looking... not cool... all the
qualities of a loser. many self esteem problems. very
depressed... lately i've been getting depressed very
easily. i could be the happiest person in the world one
minute and in a second can be totally depressed. i'm not
sure y it happens... sumtimes its for no reason at all... i
dont understand... it just happened, i was so happy and
then it was like sum1 ripped the smile off my face and i
got so depressed.... *sigh* i think i'm getting sick... i
dunno whats wrong... i should be happy, but i'm not...
ugh... its saturday and i did nothing, just went to soccer
practice... exciting life, huh? i'm gonna go, this isnt
helping anything...

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