a watercolour stain
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2002-03-24 01:26:03 (UTC)

i feel icky

~alright, i feel like crap. i'm headachy, and tummyachy,
and i have a bit of a fever. i haven't talked to kimmie
for over a week, and i'm wondering where she is. haven't
heard too very much from anne lately either. but i know
she's been busy. well, we went to the mall and the wal
mart last night. it was ok, but since it was friday the
mall was packed with a bunch of high school kids. (no
offense to anyone.)

ron called for isaac earlier and as soon as i said
hello he asked where isaac was. none of the usual joking
that there is when he calls. he was really pissed and was
telling me what was going on. from what i understand, ron
told isaac something about someone and then isaac told
someone else. a bunch a dumb shit if you ask me. (i'm
still not quite sure what happened though.) a minute or so
later isaac beeped in, and for a few moments i was relaying
conversation back and forth between the two. it was
getting old, so i told isaac to call ron. isaac said he'd
call me back in a bit. waiting and waiting, wanting to
know what was going on, an hour and a half later i called
isaac back. he was like "what do you want?" i said "you
were supposed to call me back." he was just being a

anyways, i guess they got everything worked out and
all is well between them. we're talking and isaac (out of
nowhere) says "i'm not coming home tonight." i go "oh ok,
where are you going?" (figuring he had to go somewhere for
work) he says "i'm getting a room tonight with a couple
girls from work." i said "ok have fun." and continued on
with the conversation. so he tells me "no, i really am
going out tonight." so he's going cosmic bowling with
people from work. (now there's my idea of a good time.
ha.) and he has no idea what time he'll be home.

and here i sit, chained to my tree. a pat on the head
and all should be forgiven. enough bitching i suppose.
i'm going to go light some patchouli candles and take a
long hot bath. maybe then i'll be able to get some rest.

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