2001-05-16 23:18:29 (UTC)


brittany is on her way over here
im about to go put put golfing =) hehe. im such a dork.
high school is over and its strange.
i spent all day today looking for a job...
to no avail.
hopefully the place i faxed will accept me. they pay madddd
amounts of money. hope hope hope. ashley is in need o' MONEY
=) i smells like burning food in here. blech.
yeah, well...i went bowling last night =) it was fun.
ive been all sorts of active recently. lol. =) oh well. i
feel like water skiing...but my nipple isnt healed enough i
dont think. i was supposed to go to the beach today, but i
didnt go...i have cramps. owwie. =( oh well okay, well i
should get going =) bye