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2001-05-16 22:59:15 (UTC)


ok well i havent written in a while.sorry well let me tell
you what is so far goiing on im my hectic life... i think
im in love for the first time and it feels scarey,good, and
weird. i never been in this b4..i dot know what to do.. my
life is soo messed up... my daddy hates me my grandma and
grandpa think im some ttype of whore that doesnt like
school and im just not happy at all the only time im happy
is when im talk to my baby.. even thogugh were not together
i have strong feelings for him, he is the best thing that
has happened to me so far and also he has been there. aww
he is so cute i need him so much. but i feel like i have to
talk to my mom and understand she was a teenager too and
maybe she can talk to me. and give me advice cuz then i
know it would be so much easier. well i have to go finish
something.. sorry if i miss spell soething i type fast with
out looking at the keys and reading this over and chercking
for mistakes is a real pain in the ass.. i know im lazy