2001-05-16 22:50:05 (UTC)

my first entrie...WOW!

Wow! I finnally have diary! I always wanted one, and now,
I can tell the world my secrets! Of course, my mom or dad
won't care, they never do. They got divorced when I was in
3 grade. Now, I'm 13 and live in S. FLA baby! today, we
went to a meeting to talk about our feild trip to Sea World
on Friday. Yay! Then, we are going to Disney World on
Sunday for three days! Yippie! Well, I did wish Dominic
would come. All my friends think he is so dumb and ugly.
But just last week he got glasses-just like me! Even
though we have to wear uniforms, he got a voucher and he
has the coolest clothes in the world! I espically love
when he wears his baggy long jeans and his yellow Caribbean
like t-shirt. And then Sean has to ruin it all by showing
us all his scrapes and cuts from breaking too fast on his
moped. What and idiot. But I have to say, his school
pictures were funny. And then there's Daniel. Sweet
Daniel. I want to go out with him, but he doesn't even
know I exist! What am I talking about, of couse not! He's
only been in my third grade class when I fell in love with
him. I really do hope I'm in at least one of his classes
next year. And I hope he won't be in GEM bc if he is, then
I won't be in ne of his classes, except for in the
electives do I have a chance. Poor Daniel, he got a broken
arm and I feel sry for him. I wish I could get up the
courage to atleast say hi, but then he would think I'm a
freak. It's not fair. Everyone else has or had a b/f but
i never had. Amanda's not even a virgin ne more! And to
day, I found out Richie has the most coolest eyes, but I
still hate him. Mark is acceptable but only bc Lane likes
him. I just doesn't register. Maybe because I have a
picture of him and Richie and Michael and Anthony wearing
dresses-who knows. Well I think I spilled my heart out
enough for one day. 2morrow Lane is comming to my house,
so I gotta clean up my room.

Love ya always,