2002-03-23 23:06:32 (UTC)

I love dykes, yikes!

i love handsome devil. so tyte ass band..loveem. =D
arr..arr.. ive gone actually obbsessed wit girls all the
way now. 0.0 does that make me a lesbian? nah..haha cuz i
still do like guys. hehe i mean i still do like my cool guy
friend Chad a lil but we are good buddies and i like it
that way.

Man at Klein..damn..thats all i can think about actually.
Im sometimes happy to go to skool c/ of all these goth
girls..FUCK they are fucking hot! hahah no seriously. lolz
dis one girl i like , that i always see in the hallway and
plenty more. XD hehe grrlz grrlz grrlz. why is that im so
fucking into GOTH and PUNK grrlz and find them all so
fucking attractive. lolx.. i mean.. i never am really into
femme/prep kinds..guess its because they..are like to girly
or somethin. iono. I like butches or peeps that in between
it. Dere dis girl that lives around here and she is a butch
and she is like really hot but stupid me didnt respond to
her planetout mail cuz i havent check it all latley and i
feel like its too late so i didnt. =P dere dis one girl im
really attracted to that i saw her profile at planetout for
like a year now. i think shes really hot. shes like dis
asian girl punk .hehe..sexy =P and shes is short as me.
lolz ..so it makes me feel better lolz......damn if i lived
in jersey i would be such a happy bitch ass. lolz ack! need
to stop thinkin of girls. ark ark ark..hehe. wrote some
more songs wit my guitar again. seems im really into my
guitar latley c/ guitars rocks!::sings:: " I DONT WANT THIS
den den ...den ...dendendenden..hehe da guy is pretty cute
from mxpx. ;-) hehe
miss my buddy rachel she might go to her dads house and
meet us somewhere. hehe i miss her hugges and kisses. lolz
even though i was pretty shocked when she did that. lolz =P
i remeber this one time when rachel kissed becca , it was
hailrious. lolz becca was like 'RACHEL!" she goes "oopsy."
me and nat cracked up. fun time funfunfun times.

ahh! ahh! ahh! nat called me a butch yesterday. dat made me
upset.cause im not a butch nonononono arr..i want a
motorcycle..das all i can think about right now.
motorcycle....vroooom vroooom, pick up hot chics winkwink.
me and nat are planning to get a car or motorcycle and go
to a rainbowclub that is around here in houston. hehe and
pick up some hotties. =D but wat i really want to do is go
to california and get some. hehe i jus love california
thats all.
oo.. guess what im actually am over sab now. OH YEA! nat
also is sorta over becca. lolz we are both like " LETS JUS
GO GET SOME HOTTER CHICS!" im like "SURE!" lolz and den we
sing wit our guitar jumpin up and down on our bed. lolz.
lolz..omg lolz!
Nat said there this really hot girl that reminds her of
Eliza DUshKu! OMG OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! i was like i want
to meet her! nats like no cause she think im gonna seduce
her or somethin. lolz or make her gay...hehe not a bad
idea....i think i will lolz ;-) yayayayayayyayayayaylife
rox expect homeworks......i suck so much in geo. i got 30
in all the test..im gonna kicked out or somethin i bet.
lolz..o well..fuck geo. =P gonna go now later.. hehe

- jay XD