My life like no1 knows it !
2001-05-16 22:45:47 (UTC)

My first entry!

Hi all!

This is my first entry on this diary! My nickname is ANT
(for A. N.ormal T.eenager) and i'm still in high life isn't too intresting. I'm Miss Nobody (
i'ma gurl)! But if feel like losing your time reading my
stuff, thanx alot...

I had an boring activity day at my school, because most of
the people went to Alabama (i live in Canada) and we had to
go to this museum about peace between frenchs and
indians...god, it was the most boring day of my little
stupid life! I lost a great 10$ on that shit! NEVER GO TO
Anyways, i couldn't stop thinking about the proposition
Adam*; he asked me out at my dance show. But...a guy never
asked me out before...and plus...i like him as a friend not
as a boyfriend! He's not my kind of guy and...i dunno, i'm
more thinkin about this hot friend ( Tom*) of my newly-
enemy (Sean*). Sean is a cousin of my friend Elena*.
Anyways, i met Tom on MSN and by the saying of people who
know him; He's a major hottie! He's nice and
kewl...but...there is that hot girl at my school!! God, she
is hot! I met her in my dance show, she was dancing in my
friend's group. I talked to her twice, kinda flirting with
her...and she seemed totaly nice! But how can i go out with
a girl, without my parents knowing? They are to straighted-
thinking-parents, if they know i like gurls too, they'll
kill me!

Love,love when you got us...we are at your mercy!

I hate my dad!!!!! He's such a bastard!!!!!! He's gives me money and
shit, but i fail my year because i sux in maths, he's kicking me
outta the house! No fucking jokes! he always says that i'm stupid, i
have no-life...I know he wished he good a smarter daugther, he wished
i would be like my sisters and he wished that he never had me. I know

*Names are being changed