Nephanie's Life
2002-03-23 21:39:55 (UTC)

Dan's letter

Maybe I'm just paranoid but things feel weird... and
here's why.
I know your tight with Shaun and it makes me uncomfortable
he really doesn't like me. I feel he's really got a
problem with me
and he'll do anything in his power to fuck with my head. I
don't even really know if you like me. I mean, I know you
don't hate
me because you wouldn't have me over to see you if you
didn't. But
when we talk... you seem distant. You act as if you really
don't like
me as much as you say you do. You've never really been
towards me all that much and I think that's maybe why I am
so sketchy
and worried that I'm being messed with.
I know I've said this Ten-Thousand times, but I'm going
to say it
again. I really like you. I haven't the slightest clue
why, nor do
I really understand where the affection originates from.
But every
time I talk to you, I'm drawn to you. I feel as though I
could hug
you and hold you all day and never let you go. I think
about you
often, when I'm with my friends, or alone doing whatever I
may be
doing. I feel like an idiot writing this because I know
we've been
over this before. I guess I'm just looking for your true
I'd like to know what you think about everything that's
going on and
I'd also like to know what you think about me. Write
back... respond
how you wish. Just let me know your feelings about things
one way or
with love,