Steva's Life
2002-03-23 18:18:43 (UTC)

I don't know.

Ok well this is my second Writing for this. So hopfully
this will go well...

I went to see daphne last night she was amazing surprise
surprise " for jeff " She sucked my ears were bleeding, I
walked out..... """"""

90 miles is the distince between Cuba and southern most
part of Fla. - Daphne

Well my friend sarah and her girlfriend angie were
supposed to come in last night witch they didn't so it was
upseting... they got the bus stop and no buses came so
they couldn't get to the train and then her father wasent
around to pick them up at the bus stop so they had to
walk. But they might come in, But i never know with
them, I know that they have alot of shit going on with
they're familys and stuff and its a Haul to the city but
when they're here its alot of fun.

We've all throw amazing party's and can't wait to have
another one.

I'm having a mini fake fight with a friend of mine alli
she's so funny, we've never really hung out but we're
really close online i met her through becca.

I got to meet Erin Hill who just did a CD she's in
urinetown she's amazing she was in the origanl Reading of
rent, but her charector was written out. :Brenda the
blockbuster woman: But if you want to get her CD please do
it 13.99 and she get's points for it everytime someone
buys it so that she can start selling it in stores and
then bring out more. She's an amazing girl, I talked with
her for about an hour last night. She Really loves World
War 2 and my uncle wrote a show called the cover of life
witch is about World war 2 and she never reads scripts
unless she's in it of corse, but she's gonna make an
exception and read it!!!! So i'm really excited!

I know you're probly board to tears right now but... It
feels good to blab all this out... :-)

Well untill next time.