1 day in a life as it dies
2002-03-23 17:46:55 (UTC)


OK so Thursday night I went to this huge party at this guys
house (I don't know why it was on Thursdays) and I got
completely wasted and got in this fight with this asshole
that said I looked like death and tried a punch he was
hoping for a k/o cuz that was the strongest he could throw
the rest were weak well anyway it connected to my jaw it
didn't even hurt that much but I was steaming anyway so I
put him against a wall and then through it (YAY for me) he
came back with a knife and got me in my leg its not bad I
have had ar worse it will not even leave a scar but I
almost killed him for it now I feel bad god I am just a
pussy but I hate my temper