What's up now?
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2002-03-23 17:30:46 (UTC)

it's been awhile....

Okay guys, so it's been awhile since I have written
here...sorry guys!!! We dont have the internet again, and
every time I come down to the lab, I forget to
write...oops! So now Rachel and I are in the
lab....updating :) Hmmm...This week was really
long...good, but long! Brian and I are doing...better :)
Not good, but definitly not bad! And thats a good
thing :) I get to go home to him in a little while...Who
knows, my dad could be waiting for me up in my room
now...oh well :) the weekend has already been
pretty fun!!! Thursday I didnt go out guys :) But we did
throw our own little party :) We had a few close friends
over, like 6, partied it up, and just chilled :) It was
pretty fun! After everyone left, except ben, me rachel ben
and seth walked over to the munch and got some goods, then
rachel ben and I watched a was pretty fun! At
some point in the movie I passed out...but still, the night
was fun!! Last night Rachey and I didnt have anything to
do as we were waiting to go over to seth and
zach's she called up some random numbers just to see what
everyone else around was doing...thats going to be our plan
for the next time we have nothing to do! So anyways we
went and got michelle, went to taco bell(YUM) then headed
on over to jamestown :) It started off slow, but once it
got rockin the fun didnt stop till like 3! It was a good
time...We even had a nice little visit from the cops!
Rachel didnt feel good so she went home early with nick,
she was very emotional when I finally came home :( But
good thing Nick was there to take care of her :) So
anyways I passed out around then and had to get up at 8 for
work this moring...I felt pretty yucky when I was there,
but now that I am awake, I feel a lot better, okay so it
only took me 4 1/2 hrs, but I'm better!!! So I cant really
remember what else happened this week...I suposse it wasnt
important if I cant remember eh? hehehe :) Well kiddies!
I'm off for the weekend...In store for me: Brian and Ashley
time, maybe some friends time tomorrow night, and all day
tomorrow I'll be kickin it with the relatives for my
grandpas 75th birthday :) So there are hopes of the good
times not quite ending yet!!! Yipppeeee!!!! See you all
Monday....have fun!