Tears on Cloud Nine
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2001-05-16 20:59:56 (UTC)

I no longer believe in god.

I no longer believe in god.

Tomorrow is May 17th. The unfairest of everything happens
tomorrow. Tomorrow, my sister will be terminating her
pregnancy. Tomorrow my sister and her husband will be
telling their four year old he's not getting a baby
brother. Tomorrow they're telling him he doesnt get to
share with the baby. Tomorrow the disease known as Lupus
will take a toll on our family we dont deserve. Carter will
know how cruel life reallly is starting tomorrow.

Today I learned how rough lies can be. Today I learned
persistance really doesnt pay off, and neither does messin
around in the halls. Today I learned nothing can be counted
on. I learned Jennifer Kahlert lies way too much today.
Today I got hurt again. Today I found out I'll never be
with the One.

Today I want to go to a funeral. My own. But I cant.
Promises were made. I cant. I just have to get thru this. I
have to get thru loosing the thing I had my hopes up for
for so long. She deserves this baby... Adam dies tomorrow.
Tomorrow is DDAY.