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2002-03-23 16:48:34 (UTC)

Last Night

Last night was fun as i dont know what. It all started out
and my girls house, we were chillin and her mom comes home
drunk from work... she was sooo funny. She then drove us to
a neighborhood by my house where we met up with my man and
my girls man. We then was just straight chillin at my mans
crib and his brother copped us some drinks then we dipped
out and drove around in my girls mans car. I got sooooo
fucked up and me and my man were in the backseat so we was
doin whatever. Then we went to these boys house cause we
had beef and we got into a big ass fight but of course our
men won, because we pick the good ones;) So then we left
and drove around some more and then i noticed i was 2 hours
late going home, but i was fucked up so it didnt matter to
me. Then my parents called and asked what i was doin and
where i was. So i told them i couldnt talk and id be home
soon. I didnt even get yelled at but i do got it like that
so it didnt really surprise me. Then me and my girl went to
my room and went to sleep and slept my drunkenness off lol.