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2002-03-23 13:09:34 (UTC)

Friday night rap - dream of a beauty bruised woman

I did not make so different things. I walked with Mel from
her school. I walked with Carol to her boyfriend house. She
is again with him.
At night I went to a rap house with Mel and other friends
of her. In a dream I met brunete woman with some kind of
skin signs in bust. Usually a dream with people bruised
means counter willings. A woman said her friend wanted to
know me but she was shy. I reject the invitation saying
I was with my team. I heard I need to be with Mel to help
to protect. Wrong thing because her team was protecting
her so much against other but not against her own team.
I would be with those two girls than with Mel and her team.
I think they were unhappy because of it. Now I know why
some people try to do things they really do not wanted to
do because of team. It is not right for self and new
relationship. It is right to let team alone with themselves
to know new people when go to parties and other social
places. I prayed to those two girls be happy. I ever do it
when I make some wrong thing that could hurt some people
I do not know. I learnt why some people sometimes reject me
by team. I know that I need to know new people even it
seems to let original team alone. Team is made of people
with same addictions and knows to care itself very well
against fake dangers of society. Team otherwise does not
know to defend against itself faults and lack of sociability.
I am better now to face world. Sorry about two girls I missed
in that rap show. They were not in dark dance place but in
bar area. Saturday afternoon of Autumn in streets of my
home town. March 23th 2002.