Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-03-23 16:06:46 (UTC)

I'm so glad it's the weekend!

Tonight Ryan's taking me out! Yesterday he bought me
clothes and took me out to dinner, and today he's taking me
to dinner and a movie at the Spectrum. Cheesecake Factory!
I'm excited. We don't go on dates much anymore, since we've
been so broke. But now we're not going to be broke antmore,
and Ryan says he's going to take me out more. Yay!
Daniel bought $100 worth of weed, and he's going to
split it with us. He said it's going to be either chronic
or medium. I hope it's medium, because then we'll get a lot
more. Ryan bought an awesome purple bong yesterday. We
christened it last night with just one bowl of Daniel's old
stuff that he left here (he said we could, we're not bad
friends), and we got so fucking stoned. I hope the new weed
is that good.
Ryan's at the San Juan parade with his mom right now.
I got out of it, because I hate parades, but I'm sad I'm
not going out to breakfast with him and Michelle. That
would've been nice. But we're having dinner at her house
tomorrow night, so I'll see her then.
My mom got the title to dad's old car, and my dad is
installing a new battery today, so I can pick up my car and
have it smogged and tuned next week. I'll take my test in a
couple of weeks, and then I'll be able to drive it, alone!
Perfect, because I start school in May. I just hope I can
do it, and I don't have any panic attacks while I'm
That's all, bye!