Incoherent Thoughts...
2002-03-23 16:03:51 (UTC)


music: Cake-short skirt, long jacket (?)

Ahh, its finally the long awaited weekend. This week was a
long one but looking back it went by rather quickly. Todays
is looking up too! My wonderful friend from T.O. might be
coming up to see ME this time, muah ha ha. Hopefully we
can get together and do something interesting...but then
again spending time with people from toronto is always
interesting. :) esides the work that is piling up...things
are going ok. Emotionally, i think i am doing a bit better
which is good because the week didn't start out with me in
the highest of spirits. But classes on friday were fun, for
my sociology and anthropolgy class, we have to arrange to
spend two days at the zoo and observe the physical and
emotional (?) behavior of a primate. It will prove to be
quite interesting. Also, i am greatly looking forward to
Good friday, *grinz* can't wait to see everyone, i think i
am going through some sort of friend-withdrawl thing...=(
hehe. Oh and great news also, considering i am going to be
gone all summer *does a little happy dance*, i was feeling
the beginning of baseball withdrawl, a whole summer without
Rep ball?? BUT i found a league for people ages 17-25 who
are serious ball players but can only play in the spring.
So i am sooooo excited. ALSO! just got word that my old
highschool is looking for a varsity girls fastball
assistant coach, which will also end by june. Can ya tell
i am a baseball freak? whoopee! so excited. well, i had
better go call this infamous friend from T.O so i'll catch
up with you later. Bye for now!