Creative Walks& Poetic Talks
2001-05-16 19:44:56 (UTC)

Confusing Situations....

I have not really given too much of my personal life
I have always tried to encourage others because I knwo that
there are alot of hurting people out there
And they need to hear words of encouragement.
But today I wish to give you a piece of my soul ,my heart
I am currently with someone that lacks romance and
intimacy .
So I have now recently got into this affair with this guy
And what my boyfriend does notdo he does.We have been
together 6 months . He has someone also and she is not
making him happy.
And neither is mine.So we come together and comfort one
another in several ways.I am trying to stop this affair.But
it is hard .But he's touch I long for him alot
I can be open to him.I can tell him anything we are friends
as wella s lovers.
But each day I am away I try to get my thoughts and desires
settled by writing.Well if anyone has any cooments or
advice feel free to tell me your thoughts and/checkout my
web page and leave a message onmy guest page