Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2002-03-23 09:14:33 (UTC)

color spectrum girls

Whats up love?
darling I fully had like two pages hammered out to you and
lost them in the mix some where.whats lost is lost though
so I wont try to reidorate my early ramblings just the
thoughts they led to after I typed them. They were mainly
about punk rock shows the city andgirls.
Heres what it is what it led to like the color spectrum
girls flow from one range to the next all the shades mixed
together in some some so clear cut red blue green. You
know what Im getting at guys are the same I guess I dont
see it though cauase they really mostly seem pretty one
dementional. House and tech girlys punk rock girls those
artsy girls in there berkinstocks half way girlys lost and
sheltered girlys just stoked to be in the big city just
story after story grily after girly and even though they
are all so different.
each spectrum holding similaritys with in them. You can
read em like a book from a distance and know what to expect
from them of course deep inside and when you trully know
them they are there own spectum some mixed shades of blue
and green.
Im only writting this to you today becuase I long for some
little glittery shinny girly in some big pants some house
girlys who when you hit the belt the pants just slide off.
thats the memorys I keep of those girls that how the pants
just slide like they dont even have to kick the shoes off.
Or some punk rawk honey whos hiar really is greasy like
yeah she put gel n it this moring but it just mixed wih the
gel from yesterday.
A girly who drinks the charcol filtered vodka straight from
the plastic bottle and chases it with a watered down big
gulp from the 7.
I could go on for hours about these girls mabe even start
to break down where they fall on this spectrum mabe just
build a whole spectrum and when dudes are like hey you know
girly whats she like. I could reply oh a little blue little
Heres where its comming from out here there is no spectrum
and Im klonging for somthing else besides whats here. I
want another house honey . Its just out here they might
have picked a little style from the mtv or some mag they
were reading but there all at the same spot on he spectrum.
and frankly scarlet its boring me/.
they just dont have the true feel of what they portray.
Blah Blah Blah......
I know rambling

This was stolden from a letter im typing so Im out to
finish it
With love and respect.