Lements of Madness and Depression
2002-03-23 08:32:13 (UTC)

Im breathing Go Figure

well ive gotten to expres my feelings today but im
terrified that i might scare her away she means alot to me
I wont use her name for sake she would understand so if you
are reading this my lady it is you i speak of. im so happy
to have shown this to someone i have longed for alot of my
days to touch to feel such in consiquential things but they
mean so much to me. to be intoqicated by anothers presence
is merely pleasure enough but to feel them not in a sexual
manner just merely sensation. to press ones lips to
anothers such joy it brings me. but icant just blindly
except it i wish it to have meaning to show affection I am
a lover at heart and always will be and to show my love for
someone is awe inspiring to me. I hope not to be alone in
this i show this affection in the hopes that it is mutual
that my care for the is matched if not bested by their
affection towards me..*sigh* im all poetic its creapin me
out i should sleep but i know i cant my mind is ablaze it
burns with activity but for once im not dragging myself
down because i long to do someting now i worry if I have
done too afraid to scare away the one I cherish so

well i also was an actor today even tho it seems
inconsiquential to me now. it may be better later on if the
director of the story is a big name later in life but this
i doubt it was fairly shoddy but who am i to judge..

anyways I fold into my night to seek clarity and I hope I
may speek to my lady again soon for I fear to loose her