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2002-03-23 06:53:07 (UTC)

shes trash, shes pretty, shes good enough to do..

but we got bored, now everyones over you.

well i havent written in awhile, not for lack of things to
say, more cus the keyboard sucks in here usualy, i wonder
why... but spring breaks about over so i guess i should
write a little. we didnt do much, worked a lot, and went
to southern a couple times, tanned (i kinda have a tan! we
went to a tanning bed today heh), and i got my tongue
pierced tonight. it kinda hurt, actually i wasl
ike "FUCCKKKKK" but now its just a pain in the ass but
that'll go away i guess in a couple glad i did
it. work is still pretty awesome actually, we were getting
annoyed a couple times but its still cool... i kinda like
this guy there, well its more of an infatuation like the
kind i get but i dont think it'l go anywhere and i dont
think i want it to.. its just one of those feelings i get
from time to time about someone, all excited about
absolutely nothing, im sure he doesnt even know my name but matts suposed to go to southern with us
tomorrow, he probably wont, but im determined to have a
good night tomorrow, hopefully i can talk a little less
like a deaf retard by then... but.. yeah... not much else
going on, getting tan and i need to clean before we go
back to school then i only have 1 month til ani then 3
weeks til graduation holy fucking shit... crazy stuf. i was
a total bitch to caroline yesterday and we havent talked...
its a long story and i would normally call her because i
want to, like i hung up the phone and i cried for an hour
and cut but i couldnt call her, and im trying not to, cus
it will only happen again and again, im a bitch, but enough
of that for now, im guna go to bed im fucking drained and
tomorrow i have to clean and tan some more and then
hopefully a big fun night.