.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2002-03-23 06:40:27 (UTC)

my pounding head.

feelings : exhausted, frustrated, sad. (a little excited)

music : unsatisfied
friends : happy, content
love : defeat
school : proud
family : ugh!
shows : enough alreadry, embarrased
bryse : very happy, jealous.
that other person : hatred... this is what i was throwing
around in my head, i want you out of my life, i want you
out of my friends' lives, i want you out of everythign i
do, and i want you to stop making myself go crazy. please,
for the love of god, die. (wow im a bitch, that was so
harsh, i dont mean it, its just lots of anger and
frustration i need to let loose some how)

anyway, so tonight, i danced. i danced a lot. i went
freakin crazy. i even sang along to tsc. it was such a
weird night, i had a good time with my girls, we had a
perfect amount of people for the amount of stuff we had, we
all got enough and not too much. so over all that was a
plus, im happy there wasnt more than 2 dozen people there
or i wouldve been pretty embarassed. so anyway, just about
the end of the show, annie and i run to seamus mulligans,
just in time to see Kennett Basketball Team WINNING the
mother fucking state championship, i was so excited, this
is a big deal, but no one else really was.

i went back to the show, chilled there till about 11pm with
jill and all, her mom gave me a ride to my dads, i hung
there until 12-ish when he picked me up, we were heading to
the school for the big celebration after the game, there
were so many peopel 12!! pep busses, everyhting escorted by
police, fire, horns going, people sceaming, it was soo much
energy, but i was exhausted. all the players came later,
it was very cool. just tiring, i got home about 1 am.

update on the junior situation.
so joe quit the band.
he emailed them.
he justified it by saying i told him the boys talk smack on
him, which isnt entirely true.
he had no right to involve me.
zac was mad at me, i think hes over it now.
hes just sad, its killing me.
bryse and i will cheer him up tommrow night hopefully.
too much drama for sarah core.

gosh im tired, its like 1:40. im gonna fall asleep
anysecond, mid sentence. jease.

what else is goin on... hmm, school is ok, im happy we wotn
states, what an awsoem accomplishemnt.

im, for some reason, attracted to virgin boys, it just
about kills me, jease. stay away.

the zine looks better and better. i liked the page that
bryse made today, i need to get some slip covers, its
rediculous the note book sheets i put between pages.

anyway, im gonna show the flats to this boy mike tommrow,
hes nice. im impressed my him. *yawn* im diying. time to
go to sleep.