Life Sux Then You Die
2001-05-16 19:11:09 (UTC)

Day: 3

I like somebody...but I don't know if he likes me...He did
ask me to the movies but...I don't know...he does have a
girlfriend and all. Next Monday I have to disect a frog.
Gross. I love frogs but not the inside. Ya know...The
intestines that drip and deteriorate in my gloved hand.
After I am done disecting him...I would like to bury him.
So I might bring one of those little hand shovels.
Seriously. I am going to tell my science teacher. I am glad
I am going to be out of school a week from tomorrow. Yep!
May 24th is when I get out of school! Cool huh! Its already
sweltering down here! Phew! I wish I could draw a good
comic book. I mean is that I can draw(my friends say I can)
but not in like a sequence. I can draw a picture once. I
can draw more of the same kinda picture but not in like a
changing postition thing. Oh wellllll....I am seriously
bored and I have to finish the stupid little comic book by
tomorrow. Lord of the Flies. Its an alright book. Just not
really good enough to do all these stupid projects on. My
favorite authors are...Anne Rice, Stephen King, (R.L.
Stine), The Author of Harry Potter...OH! And the person who
wrote Outsiders and the one who wrote Where the Red Fern
grows! Kinda weird isn't it? I read Stephen King(ALOT) and
Anne Rice...then I go read Harry Potter, Where the Red Fern
Grows and The Outsiders. Weird. Thats all for today! Bye!