down in my eyes
2002-03-23 06:01:54 (UTC)

Hear you me

Another day, of feeling really ugly. 'N my eyes are
puffed out 'n dark..like a raccoon, from crying all day.
Too bad there's no magical herbal makeup/medicine, or
mask, to cover up my face with. I would totally buy it,
too. But,..there's not.
Who says those work, newayz?

My mom looked at me earlier during dinner, 'n said..
"why are your eyes swollen?? have you been crying??"
I tried to shrug it off.. but she made me TeLL her.. so,
i told her i'd just gotten in a silly arguement..with a
friend. She bought it. Whew.

"Can you tell I'm faking it? So many different faces..
Depending on the different phases..Theres more than one dimension..
Makeup's all off. Who am i? Magic's in the makeup... Who am i?"

-No Doubt

It is said.. that... if you really care about someone, you'd be
happy, if they are. So,.. i AM happy he's happy...
but- I'm misErable he is.

Did you ever even care ? Do you care for me, at all?

"I noticed..you're leaven.. tommorrow..
You're leaven, You're dreamen..
You're leaven,... tommorrow.
And after all this time.. You can make up your mind..
I'll be there for you... Will you be there.. for me?"

-Lucky 7

That who's leaven is ME..
but you wont even notice..... will you?..