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2002-03-23 05:48:42 (UTC)

5 days till Georgia

School is done for a week, and I finialy have the free time
to do what I want, but some how I was bored today. I have 5
days till Georgia, and I cannot wait any longer. I miss it
there, it feels like Georgia is my little place where I can
go and just feel at home. I know I have only been there
once, but I have missed it ever since I left. I do admit I
am a little nervous for one reason, but ive waited so long
for this trip, that I seem to be impatiantly counting down
the seconds until I am back were I feel like I belong. I
realy wish I could stay, and ive thought of it so much, of
staying, that in my mind it almost seems like a
possibility. This past week has been a little difficult, so
much has happened, and I have no one that lives here to
share it with, since I said good bye to Nikki. It hurts a
little, but I know it is for the best. She never made me a
priortiy, and she had changed so much in so little time,
that I can't even regonize her any more. But for right now,
im happy, excited, impatient, a little nervous, and just
waiting for these 5 days to pass.