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2002-03-23 05:47:07 (UTC)

Mommy is a kooky gal I got along with my mom just fine...until she
started to bring up her damned smelly boyfriend. He told
her that he worked at IHOP(international house of pancakes)
on a specific road...he also said he had to work today from
4pm-to some other time. My mom didn't believe that he
worked there so she took me with her to go check. When we
got there she told me to go inside and ask if Sami(her guy)
was working tonight. I did and the guy gave me a funny
look and said he didn't have a guy by that name working
there. Mom got mad...we had to stop at the liquor store on
the way home...she got a lot of rum and a lot of juice.
now i am here...and she is still talking to her boyfriend
even though he lied...this always happens, every time she
says she won't take him back it is a lie. oh well what can
i do she won't listen to me since she is very stubborn and
i am only a dumbass teenager. I hate that everything in
life is based on numbers. They really don't mean a thing can all cause
a lot of trouble. *Yawns* it's late and I am tired, so I
am going to TRY to dream about what life would be like if i
wasn't a fuck up...I would probably still be a fuck
up...vicious cycle...BREAK THE CYCLE...i can't, I'm
weak...but at least one person does not think I am and I
miss being around him a lot...but thats another thing i
screwed up. *^_^* good nite