2001-05-16 19:00:45 (UTC)

here we go.....

well, it's hard to say where to start. i used to keep a
journal, but the secrecy of that was comprimised, so it's
time to start a new one. i see this as a way to vent, so
it's likely that this will become full of subjective rants
and raves, but oh well. i don't even know where to start
today, so i'll just introduce myself. i'm a 22 year old
male from southeastern michigan- that's right- a detroit
suburbanite slob. i have a girlfriend that i love very
much, but it seems like we're either fighting or fucking-
nothing in between. i'm up to my eyeballs in debt. i have
a crappy job (i'm a cab driver). i'm into industrial music.
i stand about 6 feet tall and weigh about 155 pounds. my
domestic life is kinda funky, but i'll get into that later.
i really don't have as much to say as i thought i would, but
at least the stage is set. stay tuned- this is gonna get