The Tiger's Flame
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2001-05-16 18:42:55 (UTC)

Introduction 2 moi

hi im starla, im 15 years old and im gonna be 16 in june!!

i go to Wilkinson school and friday 18th may is my last
day!! woooohooo!!!:) its not really my last day coz im
coming back next year, but its my last day with all my high
school friends that i've known,like forever!! we have these
leaving books that bought and told everyone to sign coz our
school is so crap it can't afford to make us one!! but
neways it was fun, im really gonna miss these people.

btw i should mention that i love the backstreet boys,
linkin park and all types of music apart from that shitty
(excuse my french) britpop like westlife (urgh!!) and other
crappy bands. i saw linkin park's new vid the other day,
but i still haven't seen bsb's new one!! im was really vex
when i found out that i really couldn't go to the linkin
park gig coz it was on the same day as my exams! i was
gonna go with reenie as well!!!

i can't wait till its my birthday coz me and a few of my
mates are gonna have this huge shopping spree (SP?) each of
them are gonna put in £10 and im gonna go round to all the
shops and choose everything i want!!!

neways i need to go now coz im very very hungry!!!
ciao, au revoir, adios, bye, see ya!!!


*love peace happiness makes the world go round* (moi)