2002-03-23 04:16:42 (UTC)

A Homework kinda weekend..........again

Well, today, afterschool I watched rat race. I must say,
very funny movie, with a really nice ending. And I totaly
love the guy that looks like john. With all of the

Okay, well, anyway, after the movie, I started doing my
homework. We're gonna go see another dramatic/sad
performance, at the goodman theatre again. 3 hours of
addicts, diseases, and supposed good old fashioned family
care. Whoopy. I come for the acting. ONLY!!!
Hence comes the part about homework. Before we go to the
theatre, we have to read the play. So I just finished
reading it, and doing the take home quiz. The ending is
really pointless. It really makes you think, that you
should keep your friends close, and your enemies even
closer. Or more like, Not to let your loved ones influence
your decisions. This one Irish chick, she had a rich
father. She got piano lessons and wanted to be a nun. She
later got introduced by her father to an actor. All of her
friends loved him. (It's like she would be meeting one of
the backstreet boys.) She later married him and had 3 kids.
Unfortunately, the second one died when he was like 2. She
blames one of her sons for it, cause he came in the babies
room when he had measles. The baby died of measles. After
the birth of the third child she became horribly addicted
to morphine. (Which is about as addictive as heroine, which
is the most addictive drug out there.) At the end they end
up all drunk, through which all truth FINALLY comes out.
The wife is so buzzed up on Morphine that she starts
ignoring everyone in the room and talks to herself as
though she were a young girl again. Before she maried. Her
last statement was when she was telling herself, that
Mother Elizabeth said that if she really wants to be a nun,
she should take a year or two to party and do girly things.
If after that she is still interested, then they would
talk. But the next thing she said was that, she would have
done that, but she got married.
Kinda makes you think it's all the guys fault.

Well anyway, here I am now. Bored. Tommorrow's plan: Solve
the economic depression. Sunday: study French and Physics.
Super weekend huh?

Oh yeah, now I'm watching the Simpsons. It's the episode
where Homer bought a tennis court. Kinda reminds me of
Andrew. Haha. I'm pathetic. Well anyway, I'm out of topics.