Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-03-23 02:31:17 (UTC)

spring break, energy for garret.

First da of spring break, we got two weeks off and i'm so
happy now. when the day ended though it was'n over yett for
me because i had to go to swimming and i felt like usuall
that i was logging a usless body around a pool. still
always tired so i'm taking these pills that m,ight make me
have mo energy, i hope they work because i'm seeing Garret
soon and i want to look and feel my best for him. Energy is
a hard thing to have if you are a teen. I will be thirteen
on April 25 and my dad said he was taking me sumwhere
special but he wouldnet tell where. all he said was that
ive been wanting to do it and i have no clue what it is.
i'm growing soooo impatient.I"m doing so many crunches each
night now so i can ave a nice tummy for when i go to the
beach and ware a bikini. I hate it when trucks and cars
pull over and scream at you like you are in a strip bar.
I'm not that pretty my god, i dont look hat old.My parents
know i['m depressed now and there getting me "help". i went
to the doctor for my knee which is always hurting and there
is something wrong woith it but i cant remember what it is
called and i have to go to a physicall therapist. weird!
i'm so sad sometimes i really wanna cut myself, i really
do, but then i think, and even though it might be worth it,
i dont want my friends to worry. frankly i dont care about
my parents because i kno they dont care about me. but i
dont want my friends to be sad so i wont do it. some ppl
are weird sometimes and i dont kno why they act weird.
maybe it is because they think that ppl will like them if
they act that way,

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