Visions Of Life
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2002-03-23 00:31:36 (UTC)

Spray Me With Your Spores

That title has nothing to do with this entry, i just didnt
want to forget that statement..

I am so angry and so hurt right now. I wont go into all the
details but i did talk to my manager on the phone. I am
meeting with him on monday and he is most likely going to
fire me even tho I didnt do anything wrong.

He said Im lazy, that he didnt need me, that he would
rather employ people who actually work and that he thinks
he should take me off the scedule completly for punishment.
I didnt do anything wrong! I work my ass off and am not
lazy. I get all of my work done plus extra work. I dont why
he hates me so much. I do my best but he doesnt even seem
to notice. I hate him. I wish he would die. I wish I could
kill him myself. Well, one of us better die soon. I wonder
how long the jail term would be for stabbing him to death
in his office... I dont even care. I hate him. He is
ruining my life and I dont even deserve this. I am good at
my job and work hard and even the residents know this. Why
cant he see this? If he fires me I will want to die. I want
to quit but for him to disgrace me by firing me when I
havnt done anything wrong, there will be revenge for
that... perhaps kill him then kill myself.. murder
suicide.. I hate that man so much! I am so alone here. I
have no one who will back me up because no one wants to
jepordize their jobs just for me. The only person who might
help is the night nurse who knows me... she has a number i
can call.. I dont deserve this.. I didnt do anything wrong..
why must i always suffer? when will i ever get a fuckin break?

Oh yes, and he accused me of always calling in sick. ive called in
like 4 times and have been sick each time. he says he hasnt called in
sick in 25 years. i wanted to say, yeah but you leave 3-5 hours early
half te time.... I hope he dies..

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