Catie*s Diary
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2002-03-23 00:15:06 (UTC)

March 22, 2002 Friday

Ok, this friday has sucked. I only got 3 hours of sleep
last night so it was sooo hard to wake up. When i went
to Jen's this morning before school we decided to stay
there for 1st period and we slept which was lovely.
Then we went to school and this cop yelled at us it
sucked. In french we had to do this scavagener hunt
thing it was stupid cause it was all in french!! Me and
my partner Tera went to the barn to get a feather for it
and this goat was being cute so i went to pet it and it
licked my hand it was cute, but then i breathed and
remembered it smelled. In journalism i just sat there
and wrote Casey so i looked busy. And it was akward
cause this one kinda loser guy kept rubbing my
shoulders and stuff. Then i went to lunch and sat with
Justin, Will(spikes), Nina, Megan, and this girl who
moved from canada. It was boring! I was just happy to
see Justin cause i hadnt seen him in over a week.
Then in biology we took a test and i think i did good.
Even though i thought i was gonna die cause i was soo
tired and cause the only thing i ate that day was a
snickers and i didnt drink anything. And i talked to
Stephen and he was like i wanna teach you ballet and
stuff i was like ok i already know ballet bitch!! But he
was like i still want u to audition for me( so we can be
pas de deux partners in ballet but it's just an inside joke
not real) but then thank god the bell rang and i got to go
home. Me and Laura took Ambar home. Then i went
home and called Casey like 50 times. Then we talked
for a while. THen i called Jon and we talked.

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