a rop through my mind....
2002-03-23 00:00:07 (UTC)


yup, i'm back in troy, lovely troy......

last night was kerioke at bridgewater inn, that was fun,
saw my cousin robin there :):) havent' seen her since
january that was fun. also saw katy and carol and janie and
jimmie and aggie (who i havent' seen since this summer) and
dana made the trek up, and aaron was there and crystol and
terry and nickie-poo and wendy (chris wendleboe) and we had
fun and sang......yay go us!

drove out today, and it was werid, there was one snow storm
that i ran into, but it only lasted the lenght of one town
(bennington) and it was bad, it started suddenly, ended
suddenly and caused one acident that i saw and another
almost accident that i was slippery, but that's
what snow does, incidently, i need windshield whipers,
remind me if you see me around please....

yeah, so i get to go see blade 2 tongiht...yay me...oh well
it can't be THAT yeah...