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2002-03-22 23:49:15 (UTC)

Kay(Kris)'s Birthday!!

This is the place where I sit

This is the part where I love you too much

This is as hard as it gets

Because I’m getting tired of pretending I’m tough

I’m here if you want me

Yours you can hold me

I’m empty and vacant,

Tumbling and breaking

‘Cause you don’t love me

And you don’t see me

And you don’t love me

The way I wish you would

The way I know you could

I dream a world where you understand

But I dream a million sleepless nights

I dream of fire when you’re touching my hand

But it twists into smoke when I turn on the light

I’m speechless and faded, it’s too complicated

Is this how the book ends, nothing but good friends?

... I wanted to put that there cuz I thought it matched my
mood and yeah... Pretty sad, huh? oh well. It matches my
mood metephorically (sp?), not like the whole lyrics of
love and blah matches my mood. Or does it? Oh well, too
many things are confusing me and I have a taken for these
kind of lyrics.. they make me think, even though when I
think, I tune everything out and I don't hear the
directions at school and I get in trouble at my parents
when they tell me to do something and all I say is "uh huh"
and then I have no idea what they had just said. Yeah,
pretty much. Dangit stupid freaks, my sis just told me to
cook some dang friggin rice for her studip fat butt!
Gahhh~!! !!!!


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