Catie*s Diary
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2002-03-22 23:48:30 (UTC)

March 21, 2002 Thursday

Today was kinda crazy. Me and my friend Nichole
skipped 7th and 8th period. We came to my house for a
little while. Then Jen, Nyka and Arin came and got us.
We went with them to chick fli-a. Then we went to Nyka's. Nyka
embarssed me cause she told this guy Josh that i
thought he was hot and i wanted to "holla" at him and i
dont so it was stupid. Then Diana and Chaunte'
got there with Ryan. We waited for Tom and Jose' to get
there before we smoked though. I didnt smoke i just sat
and talked to Amanda (nyka's brothers girlfriend that
lifes with them) Everybody else but Jen smoked. They
got the birds stoned and they started attacking
everybody. It was crazy. Then we all left to steal Nyka a
pregnancy test. But she wouldnt take it cause she
know's she's not pregnant she just wants to be so
Jose' will stay with her. Even though he doesnt like her.
Well after that Nyka and Jen went to work. So Me,
Nichole, Tom and Amanda went to checks cashed then
best buy to buy him a new cd player for his car. Then we
went to the mall so Amanda could get new clothes. It
took forever for us to find her something she liked. But
the guy by the dressing room was hot and we talked for
a little while so it was all good. Then we went back to
Best Buy to get the cd player installed but the guy told
us to come back in 40 min. so we went to star bucks
and waited forever. Finally the time passed and we
went back over there and the guy still wasnt finished.
So Tom said fuck it. And by then my dad called asking
me why the school called and stuff. So i started thinking
i should just tell him i skipped cause he would find out
anyways cause he calls the school to find out what i
missed. So i went home and told my dad and he like
just started ignoring me and he told me we wouldnt
move cause i wasnt resposniable enough or some
bullshit like that. And i really love this apartment we
were gonna move into. So i started crying cause i'm a
baby. Then i took a shower. After that i cried with my
door open hoping my dad would feel sorry for me but
he just kept watching hockey. So finally i like started
yelling at my dad cause he took something away from
me that i wanted really bad and it hurt then he ignored
me and i hate to be ignored. So i started telling him
how i felt about school and stuff and we talked and
made up and i do get to move now. Then after that i got
on the net and started talking to JR and Casey for a
while. I didnt go to sleep till 3. It sucked

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