My Teenage Life
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2001-05-16 16:10:32 (UTC)

Subjects suck

Heyyy it’s May 16th 2001 and I have one day of school left!
Wow it’s weird. Today was the last lessons day because
tomorrow we go to the town hall to get our records of
achievement and then back to school for that buffet which I
found out today will be the whole of our year (approx. 150
people) AND all the teachers can go! The room isn’t even
that big either! There’s no way about 200 people will fit
with all the desks and stuff that are already in there!
Me and Nat and a few others are just gonna go outside and
get all our mates in the years below and the 6th form to
sign our shirts.

The whole signing shirt thing is weird though ‘cos most
people just write “good luck, love …..”
At least Stuart, my friend in my sisters year (hey just cos
he;s loads younger than me, don’t mean we get on well cos
we do! He don’t really get on with my sister though) will
add some originality to it, he’ll be writing “THE OFFSPRING
RULE” And stuff all over it, he’s a HUGE fan, if anyone
says anything bad about the offspring he goes and hits them
lol It’s kinda cute really.

I’m not looking forward tomorrow very much though, cos I’ll
start crying! Everyone else will too like, but I’ll still
feel stupid! So I’m gonna avoid Ashley so he doesn’t see me
crying cos that would be shameful!!
On the subject of Ashley, he did come in yesterday and
today! Phew and woooo!!!

Goddd, I’m writing this on my bedroom computer for a
change, so I can just copy and paste it onto the family
computer when I go on the internet but the space bar keeps
sticking and it’s soooooo annoying!

Me and Neil finally arranged for definate (or is it
definite? Hmmm) that we will meet on Saturday. We don’t
have a time yet - but we do have a place now. We’re going
to meet at the Albert Dock and go around it seeing as he
hasn’t been for ages and I just love it down there.
I really cannot wait, it’ll be so cool! I was thinking
about it in bed last night and I realised just how excited
I was! But If I’m as excited as I am about meeting Neil,
god knows what I’ll be like when I go to see Aon!
At least I can feel relaxed looks wise with neil and I
won’t be thinking “omg, Im so ugly and he thinks im so
ugly”cos its not like that with him, esp. with himbein 5
yrs older than me and all.

I’ve just decided, the next time I write this, I’m not
gonna mention Aon once and I’ll see if I can do it. Unless
something mega happens and I have to talk about it (no -
not him saying he wants to father my children just so he
can get a mention lol I mean something proper and real) but
I just seem to look for excuses to talk about him nowadays.

The other day, I agreed to go to Kevs for a “party” in the
no exams week cos his mum and dad’ll be away. I said I’d
stay over the night too so then Lou said she would (even
tho I know she won’t) then Lou told me today that kev was
only inviting me and her so it’d be us 2, him and his bro
in the year below, Colin. I was like ummmm some party! So I
asked him myself who was coming and he said that he was
also invitin me mate simon and this lad called Phil in the
year below who I don’t know even though he’s in our
school. I’ll still go anyway, it should be a laugh, even
if Kev does annoy me! There’s no way I’d sleep tho, if I
did stay over, id stay awake! I’d probably wake up with him
on top of me if I went asleep lol

I was in a hugging people mood wen I came out of last
lesson today! Wen I was goin 2 the busstop with Lou I saw
this lad in our class Malcolm was there and said “shall I
go over to malcolm and hold me arms out like I wanna hug?”
and she went yeh go on. I thought it should be funny seein
as he’s malcolm and malcolm is just…malcolm really lol. He
goes round attacking people cos he’s hyperactive in school,
he’s a laugh though cos he doesn’t attack me! Haha although
once, he sed he was gonna follow me home from school (even
though he knows where I live anyway) so I went “yehok then”
so I walked home with me mate craig and forgot about it.
Then as I walked down my road, I was walkin past the entry
and he went “boo” and jumped out at me lol I shit meself.
It was quite funny actually. He said he was plannin on
pullin me down the entry but I was walkin too far away from
the entry. He said he werent gonna follow me home but then
wen he wason the bus he saw me and craig walkin so he got
off and waited in the entry for 10 mins for me 2 get back
So anyway I went over and held out me arms to him and he
said “Ill give u a hug and a kiss 2mora wen it’s the last
day” lol so I held me arms out to me mate mark who hangs
round with malcolm and he gave me a hug cos he’s nice - ive
known him since I was about 3 anyway
Then I was talkin 2 malcolm on the bus, and as I Was about
to get off he grabbed my arm and went "noo, don't leave me -
i love you" lol it was soo funny, he wouldn't let go of me
arm so i went to me mate kayleigh "kayleigh, help!" so she
came over and went "let go of her, u can c her 2mora" and
he let go and put his head down then as i started to walk
off he grabbed me arm again lol He did let me off in the
end though! I dread what jokes he's gonna b playin tomorrow!

ooo UEFA cup match tonight! hope we win!!
Wudnt be surprised if we didn't after the way we played on
saturday in the FA Cup! Oh well, at least we won it!

lol me and nat got excercise books for people to sign today
and tomorrow, in addition to the shirt so I went to
natalie "can I tell u how much i love u wen i write urs?"
(messin round even tho i do love her as a mate) so she
went "yup" so then anyway she wrote in mine first and she
"I'll miss u in the hols cos i love you loads" and then wen
i writ in hers, i didn't say i loved her and just said i'd
miss her. hahahahaha lol I bet she felt stupid! well she
did feel stupid so i wrote at the end
"love you loads
me and her are just silly ppl really. Like on her sign up
page at the back of her book i wrote "hey luka babe" and
said to her I'd writ it and that i was gonna write "love
onju babe" so she laughed and went "go on" so i did lol
we are weird, even though that's a MINOR example of our

Hmm I keep tryna imagine what Neil looks like! I'll be
sitting there talking to me mate and then i'll just be in a
world of me own all of a sudden thinking what he could look
like lol
It's alright for him, he's seen a pic of me! Even tho i
look different on it.
Oh well, at least it's taking me mind off a certain person.
On the subject of this certain person, he isn't bloody well
online and i bet he'll sign on 5 mins before I have to go
(Im on internet now u see)

I'm gonna stop thinking about this person as much, i've
just decided. I'll concentrate on thinking about someone
like Ashley *siiiiiiiiigh*

Lol Today I told Paul that it upsets me when he skits me,
even if he is only messing around (even though i skit him
too) and he went "U skit me!" so i went "only cos u skit
me!" and he went "aww, does it really bother you that
much?" sincerely, so i went "yeh" and he went "so?"
but then i went "no, u really upset me the other day" and i
think he started thinkin i was serious and he went all :-s
and went "stop it, ur making me feel guilty now" and then
he went and got me pens and stuff cos he was feeling guilty
hehehe i didnt have the heart to tell him i was messing
around anyway. Nah, he's a good mate.

I am telling everyone this cos i'm proud of myself, I did
an online IQ test yesterday and gotttt...130 which was in
the top marks bracket (130 ) and said
"According to this test, you are absoultely brilliant"
woooooo me! lol I Was really proud of myself actually!
makes a nice change anyway!!

Wooo Blink 182 have tour dates for america! The last one is
on 14th july so they should be over here in september or
something, they're touring with "New Found Glory" too, who
I quite like actually - I love their song Hit or Miss

Anyway, I'm bored of writing this now
So Im gonna go
bye bye