my pathetic life
2002-03-22 23:07:18 (UTC)

sick days

well i havent written in a couple days, i no how
disapointed all of u are. well i wrote an entry like 2
days ago and write when i was about to submit it my
computer fucked up and the internet closed down. and my
whole entry was of course gone. it made me mad. well today
i didnt go to school. i wasnt that sick but i decided to
stay home cuz i wasnt feel great yesterday and i had to
spend the whole day on a bus (band trip). well i didnt
sleep for long cuz the cleaners came today and kicked me
out of my room. o well. i also didnt go to school today
cuz i had this report due today and i didnt do it, so now i
have two more days.

well one of my friends in moving in about a week and it
makes me really sad. hes one of my favorite people and hes
leaving. i wanted to do something for him but being the
boreing underacheiver i am i dont no what. im gona miss
him. even though we dont talk as much as we did last year
hes still one of my good friends. and u might ask, "if hes
such a good firend y dont u talk?" good question. well his
girlfriend is alway paranoid that im trying to steal him
away from her. and i can c where shes coming from but ive
tried to explain and she doesnt get it. she nos its nothing
and she shouldnt dislike me but she says she just cant get
over it. but o well.

well tomorrow, if i feel alright im going boy hunting. its
emo fest tomorrow, which is a whole day of emo-ish music
and emo boys. mmmm, emo boys, so cute! is it like a rule u
have to be cute to be an emo boy? idunno but im not
complaining. gosh in such a weirdo, im so desparate for
lovin, hehe lata

"in time memories fade, senses numb. one forgets how it feels to have
loved completely"
-pedro the lion