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Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2002-03-22 22:20:59 (UTC)

Speaking of Paris...

I was actually invited to accompany someone there the
other day. The whole situation has gotten me very
nervous. The person? The anonymous guy I chat with on the
local irc channel. He doesn't know much about me, nor me
about him, so why would he do something of that nature? He
just began this conversation with me the day before
yesterday: he wanted to go to paris when he got his income
tax check back, however, he didn't want to go by himself.
I suggested taking a friend (not meaning myself of course)
that had the money. We talked for about two hours on the
subject. Then he just threw in this sentence, "How about

Uh. Come again? I replied with the feeble, "Are you
inviting me?"

"Yes." Uh...

He told me to think about it. As much as I'd love to
see the city of light, I am not about to go with a total
stranger who I am just about convinced is a total psycho.
Of course, I could be wrong, but...only chatting with me
about five times and then asking me to take a daytrip on
the other side of the world?! I told him only that I had
to depart as it was midnight and I needed to get up early
the next morning.

If we were old friends, then of course I'd go.
However, we've never even met. Oddness abounds in my
life. I'll just end that bit here. I honestly don't know
if I should ever talk to him again. If anyone reads the
diatribes of my pitiful existence, please don't hesitate to
offer advice. Any would be appreciated. Since I refuse to
trust L at all.

In other news, last night was Steph's last at 1564. I
meant to bake some cookies since everyone was participating
in a potluck, but when I came home from my shortened shift
my father was in a surly mood with J. He's making her toe
(or is it tow?) the line...YES! But that meant no cookies
for Steph and the girls. I bought her some small presents
instead. She liked them, and my stupid card. She, L, and
I all nearly began crying. We got some pictures together,
and L and I are going to visit her in South Carolina when L
gets her vacation time approved and I can manage to beg Nan
for a week off. Prince Doofus was there to bungle our
party and our plan making, though. Have I ever mentioned
that he's one of those men that walk as if they have a
stick shoved up their ass?

But anyway, I'm really going to miss Steph. I hope
she likes her new home. Her new town is only a twenty-five
minute drive from the beach. We should have a great time
when we visit, but it won't be the same at all. It'll be
The Coalition-Minus One. Which of course sucks.

Until next time I remain the perennially confused


Keep in mind that large Taco Bell cups plus attempted
vandalism equals resort to Plan B. Or hide in the car and