Dirty Fractyl
2002-03-22 16:27:59 (UTC)

Warning: Do Not Become Close to me / Aviso: No sea tan juntos conmigo

As to why anyone wants my fleeting friendship,
I don't know.
As to why anyone wants the advice of a liar,
I don't know.
As to why people continue to respect me,
I don't know.
As for why girls can find me attractive,
I don't know.

So many things I don't know:

-If there is a God
-Why there is life, Why there is a universe
-If I am capable of obtaining the relationship I desire
-If the above concern even matters at all
-When I will die; I think of this one a lot

Last night I drove 110 and then tried to pull a turn at
about a 45 degree left angle. My car spun 1080 degrees and
flew over a curb, thus fucking my alignment. I guess I
should have waited until I was sober to drive home.