Steva's Life
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2002-03-22 14:15:22 (UTC)

my Boring life

Ok well, I am going to a daphne Concer today, everyone
said they were going to to the early show so i go my ticket
for the early show. but then the day of the show i get an
im from everyone that they are going to the later show. WTF
I don't get why people have to blow me off all the time, I
know that in aug when my friend moves down here i won't
have to worry about that unless he has somthing at school
witch then i can totally understand that. My friend is
transfuring from cleveland to NY becuase he wants a better
school and a better "CITY"!! Since cleveland isint really a
city its a "wannabe city" as my friend calls it. I've
known this friend for almost 14 years, it will be 14 years
in June of this year. As he put it in an E-mail he wrote
to me because i was depressed about somthing. "Some
Merrages don't last that long" ! And i think that's sweet.

He wants to become a director witch i know he will, And
I'll get to star in all of his show! :-)

The thing that gets to me is that Those people who blow me
off Do it over and over and over and over again, the thing
that bugs me is i keep going.. Well if it happens again
GOODBYE people. They are not worth the strenth or stress or
pressure that i go though to deal with them, I love them
all, but if you're gonna do that to me and everone eles
Fu*k ya, I have so much stress and pressure and dont need
more put on to me.

If you want to treat someone eles like shit go right ahad,
one of the people i have "crashing" here sometimes with all
of HER stuff here. Witch will end at of april. We're also
going to london together witch should be interesting.

Well I'm going to go take a break.

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