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2001-05-16 13:56:07 (UTC)

Its a GREAT day to be alive...MY ASS..

Hey here i am...actually pretty sane..but tired.School is
starting to drain me physically..and mentally..i feel like
saying to hell with it all. Thing were goin
alrightyesterday..until Holly started crying..(shes one of
my B/F) but anyways..she thinks thati am talking
abouther..which isnt what i am doing at all.. She always
pulls this crap.It s as if she wants to believe that i
would talk about her behind her back for some reason. I
dunno..i am about ready to say toher that ..our friendship
mustnot be as important to her as itis to me. So..if she
wants to find other ppl to be friends with..what ami gonna
do about that..a whole lotta nothing.
Well after having to deal with taht all yesterday..i
actually had some fun later on that night..i went to jakes
last game.then ..hung out with nic some while he was at the
game..HE is a pretty nice guy. !!! Surprisingly for a 19 yr
old..haha..he has some of the greatest stories. But i can
tell that he only wants a piece of me ..cause of the way
that he talks to me. I asked him what we are gonna do about
Jake and all he said was that what Jake doesnt know wont
hurt him. I was pretty suprised that he said that..hahaa..i
was laughing pretty hard though. !!1..Jake is a really nice
guy .dont think that i want to mess with his feelings .but
we are just its not liek i am seeing him
exclusively or anything.holly is bitch!!!!!!!!--alrighti
bet ur thinking that that came out of no where.its not my
thinking..Clint wrote it.hes siting here next to me in
class.and he said he just had to type one thats
his one thing. Anyways has been alright sence stomach isnt hurtin as bad anymore .so i guess u
can say that its all good...
Still dunno what i am gonna do about nic..hha.he wants me
to go.and do something with him who knows if
iwill or not..either that .or he said he wants me to see
about me.him..and the dancing bear goin to do something
so ..who knows what will go down..wel better go.later..

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