Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-03-22 13:40:29 (UTC)

What Difference Does It Make?

Why, when faced with a voicemail from Didier should my very
first response be, and I said it aloud, like an old man who
doesn't realise that he can't hear me, "So, how the devil
are you, you ornately carved Swedish spice-rack of
impending doom and love, having grown laboured over the
winter months, lost?"

Why? And, as the title suggests, what difference does it

WILT? Hepburn - I Quit. Right time for it, too. Spring
remains in all in shining glory. The distasteful colours of
the English summer have not fully bloomed, and the
countryside is lavishly daubed with a selection of subtle
greens and browns, and the occasional burst of yellow,
which pierces like the foil.