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2002-03-22 13:26:57 (UTC)

It's been awhile

Oops. I haven't written in here in awhile. There's been so
much going on. Last week my cousin was here for her March
Break so I felt find of bad leaving her alone in the living
room. Therefore I wasn't on the computer a lot. This past
week however I have been really busy as well as pretty sick.
On the weekend and Monday I was sure I was going to die. I
was so congested and pretty well couldn't breathe. It's
slowly going away, thank God. As for the busy front I have
been working on that special project for Kim. And I've been
trying to do it only when she's not here which is a tad
difficult. But because she has a habit of walking into my
room, I don't want to take the chance of me working on it
and her coming in and seeing it. I don't want her to know
about it until it's done. She's going home this weekend so I
should get a big chunk done. I'm hoping to get a lot of it
done because my cousin is helping me with it and would like
to have it done by next week so she can work with it.
I finally got to talk to my baby the other day. 5 bloody
weeks later- it was 38 days- I almost lasted the length of
Lent- not that I was trying! Anyways we had a really long
talk. About an hour and a half and it was almost like a
heart to heart. He asked why I had never gotten intimate
with a guy and I told him about Ray and how I was afraid of
getting hurt again and therefore pretty much very untrusting
of the male gender. He was very understanding. Sometimes he
amazes me. That and his birthday is coming up next week- 23
years old- wow! I can remember when he turned 16! Isn't that
freaky? Anyhoo I should get my ass in gear for placement.

Current mood: tired
Current music: News on the Wolf

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