2002-03-22 13:21:06 (UTC)

My Day

My day began at 5:00 a.m. I made breakfast for John, finished
packing his lunch box, started a load of laundry, filled the
dishwasher with the dishes the boys left out after dinner
and started it up. By 7 a.m. I had showered, dressed, read
the newspaper and checked my messages online

After making breakfast for the boys, I made dough for a double
batch of chocolate chip cookies, mopped the kitchen and dining
room, made the bed and emptied dishwasher. Whew!

The cookies baked as I made calls to the insurance company.
In one case they couldn't read the name of the drug on the receipt I'd sent
for a prescription but agreed that since it was the same
prescription number and same price on another they could
read which I had obtained a few days before that it was a
re-fill. The claim will be reviewed, I was told. The
hospital bill was more confusing. For one thing they waited
more than a year to send it. I have no idea why. The
insurance had paid only 80% of it when they should have paid
it all but that, again, was the hospital's mistake. They
had put in the wrong code. That one will also be reviewed
but because it's old the records are on microfilm so it'll
take a few weeks.

After the cookies were baked, I vacuumed, did more laundry
and made out my grocery shopping list. The dentist's office
called me to tell me that they realized when I had
re-scheduled my appointment someone had only begun writing
down my name when they apparently were interrupted so I
didn't have an appointment this afternoon after all. It's
been rescheduled for next month. Darn! :-)

I refilled the dishwasher and it did its job while I paid
bills. I emptied it before leaving for Junction City.
First stop was the doctor's office. The high school said
they had no record of Gavin having had a sports physical in
the past two years and sure enough, the last one he had had
was in 1996. One has been scheduled for Monday. The school
told me that as long as he had one scheduled they would
allow him to go to the track meet Saturday.

After leaving my prescription for cough medicine at the
pharmacy to be picked up later, I went to the bank. I made a
quick run over to Les Schwab Tires to have them check my
tire pressure; all four tires were a little low and they
fixed that for me. Les Schwab is an old-fashioned, very
polite kind of place. I'm always called *ma'am* there. I
did the grocery shopping and picked up my prescription. I
was told that this stuff is stronger than codeine and I
shouldn't drive while taking it. I plan on taking it only
before going to bed after everyone's home. I don't want a
phone call *Mom? I need a ride home.* after I've taken that

I had stopped in Harrisburg on my way into Junction to buy
eggs at the feed store. They sell country fresh, brown eggs
they buy from local 4-H kids who are raising chickens for
show. Sometimes I've been able to buy goose and duck eggs
too. The latter are great for baking (one goose eggs equals
three large chicken eggs; one duck egg equals two medium
chicken eggs). I found it closed, however. I mean
closed for business, forever. So I went to the Junction
City feed store and found that they too sell eggs. I bought
four dozen and spent some time enjoying the ducklings,
bunnies and chicks they have for sale.

After putting the groceries away I felt tired so I took a
short nap. Then I made stuffed French bread. This is a
high calorie, high cholesterol food. Because of that I
don't make it often, even though John loves it. I made
a salad to go with it.

The evening was spent cleaning the kitchen, starting up more
laundry, and then reading. Gavin was at an all day band
festival. He called at 9:30 p.m. for a ride. Then, with
everyone home, I took my cough medicine and went to bed.