Zone of Misfortune
2002-03-22 12:11:20 (UTC)


Okay, so I really fucked things up now ... before, i just
had a slight problem with how things were sung on Imagery
and lack of chorus...which i should have obviously just
told him, but instead, i kept it to myself, got frustrated
and made it more than it ever should have been, writing
some crap entry about how much i hated it or something,
most of it compeltly UNtrue... i was just pissed and needed
to vent...but exaggerated all this shit that didn't even
really piss me off, just about everything that day i took
the wrong way...and so...i write this crap entry and weaver
happens to read it, and is understandably hurt since before
i've been telling him everything's alright, and now he sees
the complete opposite... DAH! bottom line: i hope things
can be like they used to be, i hope i didn't mess anything
up, cause i enjoyed the way that was going, i was just
messed up yesterday and wrote a bunch of shit... what can i
do now to show weaver that i'm sorry...

C S: