2002-03-22 08:26:57 (UTC)

the glass house

I"m new to this thing. never really had an "computer
generated" diary before. I use to have a diary, but that
one was full, i read back into it, and DAMN i was such a
stupid kid. I did all these things that are so stupid.Like
i used to like this guy, but he's like a total jerk now..
THEN i use to like the BACKSTREET BOYS. *rolls eyes* oh
yeah, i'm cool. lol... dammit man, bsb and P.O.D.'s kinda
different, eh? Whoa, i watched the Glass Housetoday when i
was at my friends house.. it was really good. You gotta
check it out someday. Well, i'm outs... gotta go do some
= Michelle =

muzic: "Dress To Kill" -- New Found Glory

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