Roy Whiteside

My Intersex Chaos
2002-03-22 06:52:13 (UTC)

I'm back for awhile anyway

Hello Diary,

I know, I have been gone for awhile now. I'm back for tha time being anyway. I also had my back problem releive they said, that it was a muscle spasm. It moved to lower back, and last wednesday March 20, 2002 it returned. I was doing okay until, I had seen my doctor.
I also received tha problem that I thought I had cleared up, with a report to tha crimestoppers. Is still lurking tha wind. Tom luke with a bad makeup job is still malesting tha same fourteen year old. I report last summer, after series of attacks on both of us. Also a new perp is lurking, he live just two blocks from house.

Tha kid and tha drag queen have both dissipitated, like tha girl in tha movie. After all tha child's arguing he is not gay. Which really before it ended. It seem tha boy pocesses a strange ability to change tha texture of his skin from masciline to feminine and back to masciline.

Which may be intersex, but whole aspect of this gender. Has tha macalculant to bring tha in some people. Which I knew their attack on me would not end, until they found new prey. I am not finished with this I cannot think straight. I will edit later.

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