The Chronicles of Ms. Evil
2002-03-22 06:40:19 (UTC)

Falling from Grace

Hey diary,
well i can't sleep. I was falling asleep until the phone
rang. It was some guy saying that I gave him my phone
number when i was at north street. I was quite baffled i
was with crystal and she would have stopped me. Well it
comes to turn out that i didn't, thank god. I know i was
drunk but i didn't that i was that drunk to blank out on
things. Bill was with this kid and gave him my phone
number to mess with me. my major heart attack then
subsided. This kid was drinking, actually he was pretty
much drunk on the phone. It was quite intersting to talk
with him. Well the first 45 min of the convo were me
haveing a heart attack cuz i thought i gave him my phone
number. but then after he told me i didn't he got it from
bill it was better. I was pretty much bored and since i
was already awake i talked to him. He wanted me ot come
over nad hook up with him but of coarse that was out of the
question. he was amazed at my commitment to my boyfriend.
he couldn't believe that I made a promise not to drink and
i have kept that and that i would remain faithful to a guy
who was far away. I don't see what is so amazing about
that. I love ken, and when you love someone so much you
tend to not do things that will hurt them. Now with erin i
hurt her, but that's cuz i didn't want to hurt her but i
did anyway. i was trying to explain that to this guy and
he was damn that's good for me. His girlfriend had just
broken up with him a couple days ago. Human relations,
it's quite interesting talking to people. I think i need
to go out and be more social, i don't talk enough to
different people. I have tended to stay in my clique right
here on the 2nd floor. Anyhoodles i'm going to sleep now.
well at least try to sleep. nighty night

Ms. Evil

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