My Life
2001-05-16 12:55:25 (UTC)

Growing Up

When we were growing up we had a pretty good life our
family was close.Me and my sister were close and we stood
by each other.We would have family dinners together every
thrusday.When my mom found out that me and my sister had
black friends that's when things started to fall apart at
home.My mom did not like the fact that we had black friends
especially black guys.After a while she started these dumb
rules that we were not allowed out until 6:00pm and I had
to be in 8:00pm and my sister had to be in at 8:30pm.If we
were a minute late we would be grounded the next day.We had
to have our homework,house cleaning,and dinner done by the
time see got home at 4:45pm.If it was not done we could not
go out.Then we started to sneak our boyfriends in my room
and we would also sneak out.There were times that we caught
and she would always try to hit me but my sister would not
let her.We would wait until she went to bed to leave the
house.It got worse after that cause then she would lock us
out and we would have to wait til she got up top let us in
the house.I hated everything that she had done to us and
she knows that we hate her.After a few years of my mom and
dad being divorsed she started seeing this guy and see
would have him over the house while my dad was home.She had
this guy build a shed in our backyard.She always played my
dad dirty and did not even feel bad about it.Then she
decided that she wanted to move out and she askd us if we
wanted to come.Me and my sister said that we were going to
stay with dad and my brother went with her.Because we would
not go with her see disowned us and told my brother that if
he told us where they lived that he would have to come and
live in the hell hole that we were living in.He told us
anyways and he just wanted to make sure that we did not
come over when she was home.My dad fell apart after she
left he started doing things that he would have never done
if she was there.Like never paying the gas and never buying
food so we can eat.It got to a point that we dropped out of
school cause we did not get to take a shower everyday and
we barely ate and we hardly had clean close.My sister ran
away to Boston to try to get some money to take care of me
and her.My mom put out a missing child report with the
police and then put posters every where like she cared that
my sister left.It was her fault cause she had to be such a
bitch and leave us like she did.Then I was arrested for
stealing food so me and my sister can eat.My mom came like
she cared but I know that she didn't.I had to get some food
some how so we don't starve.I started stealing money from
my dad's pocket when he would come home drunk which was
everyday.He never left us any money to eat so I took it
from his pocket my sister did not know at first until I
told her.She had her little thing going on with her
stealing money from him.She got it from his piggy bank and
I went for his pockets.I left home at the age of 17 and I
have been gone ever since then and I am 26 now.