Jena's Rants
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2001-05-16 12:20:19 (UTC)

Who me? No, I am not retarded - just unusually happy.....................

I am suffering from this strange pain in my face today,
people who are familiar with this affliction call it a
smile. Well, I am not impressed - yet I do have this warm
tingly sensation progressing throughout my body. I was at
first afraid that I was perhaps experiencing the beginning
stages of spontaneous human combustion, but I think I would
have exploded into flames by now. A person whom I trust,
let's call her the Soothesayer, said that these strange
sympthoms may be associated with a mild form of a very
common disease called - Infatuation. Okay, that isn't what
she really said the disease was called, but damnit I am not
saying that word. Maybe I should make up a word to
describe the ailment without actually having to type or say
it, because just the sound of it strikes an evil fear in my
heart that I have not experienced the likes of since I
realized that Mr. Rogers was a part-time stripper at the
Atlantis. Anywho, we shall call it ring around the rosey,
since there is falling involved in both instances. I feel
that there are many signs of ring around the rosey, despite
my pursuit of completely avoiding this experience. I am
enjoying myself with Hopinononefoot and I can't find
anything too terribly wrong with him, besides his lack of
driving ability, (which let's face it is common among all
men). I just don't know, what I really want to do is take
things slowly and just focus on having a good time. So,
that is what I will continue to do until the bomb squad
says it's time to get outta that crawl space cause she's
gonna blow.

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