lost in the dark
2002-03-22 04:57:11 (UTC)

A life...

Hey Entry. There was a question brought to my attention
acouple of nights ago. Why is it that I have no life ?
Now, I am wondering Y I was asked this question. I am told
that I am a good looking person. I know that I am usaully a
easy person to talk. This has been nagging at me since I
was asked this question. I am starting to wonder Y I don't
have a life. How in the world is someone suppose to answer
a question like this. I probably could sit here all night
and talk about this one topic, but it is just too boring
and I don't feel like getting into it right now.

Opps, phone call.

Before I countinue... Damn... Beer is tough to drink when
you have not eat'n anything for supper. I am feeling no
pain right now. I want that specail person. Nice sweet
smell went sleeping beside her. Just to wake up with that
smell in the morning. Damn, Damn. Y is it that I feel more
open when I have been drinking. :(

Off to bed I go.

Lost in the Dark...